BABEE is proud of its partnership with the regional comity Miss Normandy.

During their preparation for the election, the 12 candidates for the title had the pleasure to wear BABEE, in full-colour!

Youssra Askry, Miss Normandy 2021 and 4th runner up of Miss France 2022, discovered the brand as well and wore the BADDIE Set in black during her visit to the rehearsals of the 12 finalists.

The title winner of Miss Normandy 2022, , Perrine Prunier, elected on October 21, had the pleasure of receiving a BABEE outfit as a gift, which was shown live during the election! We support the Miss Normandy committee as well as the beautiful Perrine Prunier for the Miss France 2023 election which will take place on Saturday December 17.

To see more about the partnership, you can see our story highlight on our instagram account @babee_fit.